B2B Engineering Director (M/F) - Paris CDI

Paris, Île-de-France, France · Tech


Hi there 👋

What you’re reading is not a job description.

It’s a menu full of everything you’ve ever wanted to flavor. Except we’re not talking about food. We’re talking about your career appetite.


You know Kapten? We’re just another french startup shaking the world of another american giant. What we do: ride-hailing, and we do it the right way.

Main course:

Our tech department learned a lot from Spotify’s organization, so they worked on how to implement our own Spotify-like model at Kapten.

Our platform is composed of several micro-services and web applications, each of them having their own BDD and API. We develop in Node.JS, Python and Go on MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and ElasticSearch databases, with ReactJS as frontend framework. If you want to know more about tech at Kapten: it’s here

To make this great organization work, one essential piece of the puzzle is missing: our B2B Tribe Director. Well, we used to have one, but he’s now the CTO (sh*! happens 😏)

Feeling hungry for success? Let me tell you about our flavors:

You will have 3 areas of responsibility:

As a Tribe Director, you will be in charge of the B2B domain: a growing fast market and department.

Your job will be to make sure that you reach the ambitious targets we have for B2B by implementing the right tech strategy, sometimes by helping the team and develop features with them and also by working hand-in-hand with our Lead Product Manager and our Sales Director (you don't have to actually hold their hands, it's a metaphor).

You will share your table with:


We can reserve you a sit at our table if you:

Please note that we're happy to talk to you even if you don't have experience with our stack (Node.js, Python...), as long as you are willing to learn.

Why would you choose us?

I don’t know, it depends on your expectations. Sorry if you wanted me to say that the team is cool because they play ping-pong at lunch break and drink beers after work (even if that might be true 🙄). I mean… I’m Recruiter. Of course the team is cool.

Bonus dessert:

If you’re still reading this... you must be part of the 10%* of candidates who actually read job descriptions. And since you’re still hungry, I’ll give you a sweet piece for dessert.

You will work on the most state-of-the-art part of our Platform. Rebuilt from the foundations, the current services are going to welcome soon traffic from the legacy part. As you surely know, migrations are tricky. However, we at Kapten know how to do this efficiently ! 😉

*Yes, I came up with this metric. Who cares? If you do, apply and let’s talk.


What you'll get:

Our references:

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